Bras are one of the essential items in your womanhood journey. We’ve all seen the ads of how perfect ‘the girls’ can look in one of those tight underwire pushup bras, right?  

The problem is that no one is bothering to tell us that those same bras could lead to serious health problems. 

Lymph nodes are a core part of the lymphatic system of your body. They carry immune cells to fight against infections and diseases and are responsible for maintaining the body’s fluid balance and removing dead cells, toxins, and excess fluid from extracellular areas. 

 Bras like the underwired bras can impede lymph fluid from flowing from the breast to the armpit. 

The Managing Director of the Schacter Center for Complementary Medicine, Dr Michael Schacter, stated that over 80% of lymph fluid flows from the breast to the armpit lymph nodes. Bras and other tight clothing can affect this flow. The nature of your Bra, how long you wear it, and the tightness can affect the degree of lymphatic drain blockage.

All these blockages can also cause lymph nodes to swell. 

If you have an infection, you may have symptoms such as fever, chills, or exhaustion. In rare instances, this kind of swelling can be linked to cancer. Swollen lymph can be treated using OTC medications.

How to take care of your lymph nodes

Bras cross vital lymph vessel paths and, if not correctly fitted, can serve as a constriction. Lymph nodes in the breast already have a poor flow because the muscle is present under the gland and not on top. Wearing an underwired bra makes flow extra difficult.

According to a chiropractic and osteopathy study, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. It is important to get fitted for the right bra size or know how to fit your Bra.

This doesn’t mean you need to purchase an expensive Bra. 

Here a several tips to consider when fitting your Bra –

  1. The side of your Bra should be broad and fit under your rib.
  2. When you pull out the side of your Bra, there should be up to a 5cm gap.
  3. Make sure the cup size is full but not bulging.
  4. The centre of your Bra should sit flat against the chest wall. You may need to go up a cup size if it isn’t.
  5. Avoid push up bras and underwire bras.

Sports bras have become the most popular Bra for comfort and support and are worn as an everyday Bra. 

If you have been experiencing some symptoms such as –

  • bronchitis.
  •  sinusitis
  •  tonsillitis
  • laryngitis
  • acne
  •  eczema
  • chronic fatigue
  •  fibromyalgia. 

You may need to consider if it is your Bra creating a blockage in your lymph nodes. 

A tight bra can, over time, directly impair lymph function and its ability to flow freely into and out of the lymph nodes concentrated under our arms.

How to improve lymphatic flow and drainage.

Bowen Therapy activates the body’s fluid circulation, helps 

remove toxins and fats and aids the re-absorption of inflammation and oedema through the lymphatic system.   

Lymphatic drainage relieves pain by reducing fluid pressure or congestion on nerve endings and speeds up healing in the body.

After a Bowen session, the body is relaxed, balanced, and generally has a feeling of well-being. It is better able to cope with stress.

Several Bowen procedures are potentially beneficial for improving Lymphatic system function.

Lymphatics Gloves 

The lymphatic gloves can help to improve lymphatic and blood circulation. It also reduces fluid build-up and helps remove lactic acid fatigue. One of the best cons of these gloves is that it helps boost immune response and should be part of your daily routine when showering. 

For better health, consider what Bra you wear every day!

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  • Bras are one of the essential items in your womanhood journey. We’ve all seen the ads of how perfect ‘the girls’ can look in one of those tight underwire pushup […]

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